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Zoe Phillips is the main protagonist, titular character, narrator and the main hero of the series, Free Rein, throughout Season 1-3. She is portrayed by Jaylen Barron.


Zoe Phillips is an African-American with shoulder length curly black hair usually worn in a high ponytail . Zoe has hazel colored eyes. She can usually be seen wearing a pair of black riding boots with a shirt and under an open jacket. While riding she wears her mothers old black helmet.

Personality and Traits


Zoe always speaks her mind, sometimes without thinking it through which can cause her to get into trouble. She will always do the right thing and will stand up to anyone, for anyone. In the beginning of the first season she stands up to Mia for Becky and Jade despite not really knowing either of them.


Zoe always protects the horses especially Raven and will not let anything happen to them. She is also very protect of her friends and family. In season one she often comforts Rosie who is worried that their parents are spending time apart. In all seasons she is always helping Becky and Jade with projects or keeping them from fighting. In the third season she spends most of her time looking for the wild horses and trying to find them. She also tries to find ways to make Pin feel better when he is sick.


Zoe is very kind to just about everyone she meets. For example she refuses to use a whip on Raven. She also gives Gaby a second chance even after finding out that she's been secretly riding Raven. When Mia finds Firefly and sprains her ankle Zoe refuses to leave Mia alone even though Mia has never really been nice to her.

Overall, Zoe is enthusiastic, selfless, tough, and smart. She is also determined, and loyal and would do anything for her friends and Raven.


Maggie Phillips

Zoe loves her mother, Maggie, and tries to be supportive as she knows that her mother is going through rough times. She takes the role of the "responsible child" and watches over Rosie in order to give Maggie less stress. She has a good relationship with her mother When her mother leaves back to LA Zoe calls he all the time. Gaby also says to say Zoe that she thought her (Zoe) and her mother talked all the time. During season 2 Maggie sees the pressure on Zoe over Nationals and tries to take the pressure of by sugesting fun activities. She also tries to make Zoe's 16th birthday perfect.

Huck Phillips

Zoe loves her father and wants things to work out between her parents. She often calls her father and talks to him about everything. When her father comes to visit she seems to be very exited.

Rosie Phillips

Although Rosie is often annoying, Zoe loves her sister and helps Maggie look after her. When she goes missing in Raven Zoe runs all around town to find her. She is angry at her sister for leaving without telling anybody where she was going but is glad to see her safe. Zoe always tries to make Rosie feel better and they seem to have a very good sister relationship. Rosie comes to the stables and helps out mostly so Zoe can be happy. She also tries to play matchmaker. Not much is said about her after she leaves to LA at the end of season two. She even tromps through the dirty tunnel to look for the treasure to save Bright Fields

Frank Steel

Zoe loves her grandpa glad to spend time with him and help him out. Near the end of "Raven," he notices her interest in the stables and seems to approve of it. She often helps her grandpa out. When the rest of her family go back to LA she stays with grandpa. Her grandpa is very supportive of her horse ridding and comes to all her competitions.

Becky Sidebottom

Zoe first meets Becky when looking for her sister in the episode Raven. They become very good friends and Zoe takes time to listen to Becky's stories about ghost pony's and smugglers even though she doesn't really believe them. She comforts Becky when Bob seems to be dying after saving the horses from the fire. Becky is very nice to Zoe and comforts her after her birthday party gets ruined.